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A RExxEL Power Platform


117 Acre Prime Site

Ideal for Large-Scale Power Users  




- A fresh, clean, expansive site in the greater Philadelphia region

- Access to industrial quantities of attractively priced power

- Excellent rail access

- On-site large-scale water cooling

- Fully permitted

- Conveniently isolated from adjacent neighbors, while still accessible to vibrant, affordable, residential communities


In Phoenixville, PA, RExxEL Cromby is offering a superb Platform for the 21st Century.  The next Industrial Revolution is being data-driven.  And this cyber-physical transformation competes and succeeds on power, inexpensive massive amounts…with access to cooling on attractive sites.


Cromby has answers.  It is repurposing power.  A first-class generating site has been refurbished and reversed…the priceless and permitted infrastructure now brings clean power IN to a beautiful site in massive amounts, at a location with access to both Philadelphia and appealing, affordable residential communities.


Located 25 minutes from metro Philadelphia…near a great community for millennials.



Up to 250 Megawatts of green power



Industrial-scale cooling provided by the Schuylkill river



Fully permitted